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Path to Renunciation- Realisation of Kutastha

How does one  archive renunciation?This is difficult to understand and comes only with practicing as suggested and explained by Kriya Yog Guru Yogiraj Shri Shyamcharan Lahiri.

In the Bhagwat Gita, Shri Krishna says;

द्वाविमौ  पुरुशौ लोके क्षरश्चहाक्षर ऐव च।

क्षरह सर्वाणि भूतानी कटस्थोक्षरी उच्यते।। गीता १५।१६

The verse means that two types of Primordial Energy are reputed to exist in this world;one is perishable, the other imperishable. Between these two, all elements are perishable and the Kutastha-consciousness is termed as imperishable.

The word Kut infers the anvil or the iron block on which the ironsmith or goldsmith by hammering iron or gold into shape produces various types of objects, but the anvil remains as usual. It does not undergo any change, it remains unaffected. Thus what we call the Third Eye, the vision which occurs when one is in communion with the Infinite; the Eye of Wisdom is Kutastha. It is the origin of everything and is the place of manifestation of the spiritual world

None have before described what Kutastha is. Needless to say, it is not describable, it is made comprehensible through sadhana-derived realization.

Only the yogis are aware about it. By becoming an adept in Pranayama, a yogi through Yonimudra can perceive in the Agyachakra an encompassing golden lustre, the middle of it being black in colour and within this black colour a dot which resembles a star.
By attaining permanence in Kutastha, a yogi acquires true knowledge .

This Kutastha only is imperishable or in other words is reputed to be the indestructible Primordial Energy. By the visualisation of Sudarsana Chakra or else Kutastha, the negative feelings or the devilish propensities in a yogi are annihilated. Then a yogi is capable to proceed in the path of renunciation.

Saint Kabir has said

मरते मरते जाग मरा, मरना ना जाने कोय।
ऐसामरना कोई ना मरा , जे फिर ना मरना होय।।

मरना है दुई भाँति का, जो मरना जाने कोय।

रामदुआरे जो मरे,फिर ना मरना होय।।  


The “bindu”situated in the middle of Kutasth is the “Ram duare”.The one who leaves his body while seeing this “bindu” is the one who actually does,and attains Moksha.


All information entered is personal to the author. Any modification or changes must be addressed to the author.

All information entered is personal to the author. Any modification or changes must be addressed to the author.
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