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What is Sattology?
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‘Sat’ in Sanskrit means Truth.

‘Logos’ in Latin means Study or Science.

Etymologically ‘Sat’ + ‘Logos’ become ‘Sattology’ with an additional ‘t’ for phonetic correction. ‘Sattology’ means the Science of Truth or Study of Truth. This word was coined by Aditya Satsangi in his first book – ‘Sattology – Debunking Mythology’.

‘Myth’ in Sanskrit means imaginary or fake or a lie. Mythology means the study of imagination.

Sattology is a true antonym of Mythology.

Mythology is used by Western academics and historians to remove the identity of the natives that they colonized.

The ancient vedic history is all Sattology. Because it is proved by Geographical coordinates mentioned in Mahabharat and Ramayan. It is proved by astronomical coordinates. The archeological science is deeply flawed because the traces of history are removed through time and nature. However, the astronomical calculations of events can never go wrong. The western emphasis on calculating history based on their archeological methods creates fake history or mythology.

We welcome authors to contribute to this site to challenge the colonial narratives.

About Sattology
Sattology means Science of Truth

The Vedic History of the world begins from Brahma the material creator. From Brahma comes all saintly people. Those saintly people populate this earth. Brahma’s sons become the teachers and progenitors. Through descendants they populate and teach the world.

The concept of time in History of this world is cyclical. The chronological time calculation has it’s own issues.

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