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Sat means Truth in Sanskrit. Myth means a Lie or Imagination in Sanskrit.

Logos in Latin means Study or Science.

Therefore, Sattology means the Science of Truth. Mythology means the science of Imagination. Colloquially, Mythology means an unverified account of History. Sattology is a True antonym of Mythology and it means a Factual History.

– Aditya Satsangi (Author: Sattology – Debunking Mythology)

Vedic Histories, Vedic Science, Mahabharat, Ramayan and all other Puranic History is all Sattology because the historical accounts mentioned in them have been verified through Astronomy and also unbroken disciplines Tradition and also through archeological and geographical evidence through multiple accounts.

Hinduism which is based on Vedic Histories is therefore Sattology and not Mythology.

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