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Pakistan, a Hindu Land occupied by Ummah
History of Pakistan

The word Pakistan was originally coined in 1933 by Chowdhary Rahmat Ali while studying at Cambridge University in the UK. He published a pamphlet – Now or Never; Are we to live or perish forever? This pamphlet later came to be known as the Pakistan Declaration. He died destitute, forlorn so much so that his funeral expenses were covered by Cambridge university. Despite Islam being the most violent faith against Hindus for thousands of years, Hindutva or Hinduism has survived. Their frustration against Hindus is apparent in their campaigns and public outcries over Kashmir.

For those Pakistanis, they lost a land which they thought they had conquered. Their fear is, Hindus may ask for all Hindu religious sites in Pakistan to be returned or risk a religious war between Hinduism and Islam. The fear mongering against kafirs, kafirphobia is taught to all students of Islam in their Pakistani mosques.

This fake narrative of survival often creates the most aggressive and oppressive mindset towards Hindus. Pakistan as a state was created as an act of aggression and hatred against Hindus. For Pakistani Muslims, every single mosque that was built on top of a destroyed Hindu temple is a symbol of Pride and humiliation of Hindus. Their first fear is, Hindus may demand the return of all such mosques in Pakistan. Every single Muslim Terrorist that killed innocent Hindus is considered a hero. The heroes of Pakistan, Babur, Ghaznavi, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Tipu Sultan, Timur and nowadays most kashmiri Terrorists are considered terrorists by Hindus because of their acts of violence directed against Hindus. Any Hindu that practices their religion is considered a threat by Muslims in Pakistan. The barbaric atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan by their mosques cannot be described in words. Kidnapping of Hindu women and girls is considered a trophy by Pakistani Mosques.

Killing of young Hindu men is considered a victory of Islam in Pakistani Mosques. The creation of Pakistan itself is on foundation of hatred of Hindus or kafirs. Pakistan as a state has become the most impure because of the actions of its Mosques.

Pakistan is not a nation. It is an Islamic ideology created to destroy Hinduism and acquire the land of Hindus to ultimately convert all of them to Muslim. Any land that they control, they are unable to manage. Hindus should know the fight of Pakistan is against them, not India. The best way to respond to them is to convert all Muslims in India to Hindus and then convert Muslims of Pakistan into Hindus. Pakistan is just an Islamic ideology promoted by Muslim ummah to achieve their objectives of Ghazwa-e-hind. Pakistanis have tried their best to eliminate all traces of Hindu history in the land that they have illegally acquired by Hindus. Who was Nehru or Gandhi to accept Partition of Bharat on behalf of Hindus?

As per any modern account that we read about Gandhi, he was a liberal secular Hindu who didn’t understand his own Bhagavad Gita that he carried every day. All Hindus know very well about Nehru who was a self proclaimed Muslim apologist with a Hindu name. This land of Bharat is the heritage of all vedic saints and great Vedic kings. That land includes present day Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. This land belongs to people who follow the culture of land. The culture of this land of Bharat is well documented in Ramayana, Mahabharata and other Vedic literature.

Pakistan as a nation cannot exist without India. Bollywood makes their entertainment. Hindi songs are played in all parts of Pakistan. Terrorism against India keeps their army financed with the blood of Pakistani people. Hatred of Hinduism drives their Islamic schools. Hatred of Hindus is taught in every Pakistani school. Cricket with India gives their poor cricket board some money. Pakistani IT experts get their money after they hack some Indian sites. Pakistani psyche is filled with dreams of conquering Hindus. What happens if Hindus try to get their land back from the Islamic occupation forces of Pakistan? A small trailer about their paranoia was seen in August when India abrogated a law that allowed them authority over the full Jammu & Kashmir. Even the language that most Pakistanis speak originated in India. On top of this the whole Pakistan thinks that they have thousands of years of Islamic history. Islam was founded in 610AD, reached Afghanistan ( part of India until 1919AD) in 652AD and then reached Sindh in Pakistan (part of Bharat until 1947AD) after killing millions of Hindus on the way to force them to convert or get killed.

Pakistan has always gotten their way by fooling secular Hindus and manipulating political parties who play Muslim appeasement politics. Pakistan’s biggest ally of Indian National Congress which has been established in a book by VVS Mani. Indian Intelligence agencies have completely failed India as a nation. Instead of proactively destroying Pakistani infrastructure inside Pakistan for Hinduism, they are also fooled by secular objectives. The intelligence agency has to be very clear that Pakistan is an Islamic ideology to conquer Hindus culturally, ideologically and literally. Pakistan is the remainder of Ghaznavi-e-Hind ideology of Islamic invaders of Bharat. Indian forces and Indian security agencies must be very clear that they have to defend Hinduism from Islam. Unless that is clear they won’t really know the enemy. When an Indian general claims that their forces are secular then they are already defending the ideological attack of Islam.

Why should a Hindu general be secular or Indian army can’t be Hindu? Everyone in India is a Hindu first and any other faith second. In CAA protests, the Muslims attacked a Hindu police. They were not protesting; they passed a message to Hindus that even your police is not safe. Why this much hatred ? There is only one reason and that is exclusivity that they learn in their religion. They cannot peacefully coexist with Hindus. The sooner the Hindus realize it and take proactive steps against hatred coming from Pakistanis, they will be safer.

Few things that Hindus must do:

  • Recognize the civilizational fight imposed by Islam against Hinduism
  • Claim entire Pakistan as their Hindu territory that was snatched away from them in 1947
  • Aggressively counter Pakistani propaganda of Islam being superior to Hinduism
  • Remove all Islamic influences from Bollywood that justify love jihad, peaceful coexistence between Hindus and Muslims.
  • Begin military operations in Lahore, Karachi and Multan to provide protection to Hindus in Pakistan
  • Use RAW to control power in Pakistan. Enough of ISI games in India
  • Pakistanis must be taught lessons in the language that they understand, especially when they have spared no effort in expressing their hatred and fight against Hinduism

Muslims from Bollywood deliberately show all Hindus as losers while using Hindu names. There have been. Lots of movies where Hindus have been shown as comedians, their beliefs questioned and their religious heads shown in a negative light by Muslim actors of Bollywood. Hindus must know for sure that they will never be treated respectfully by Muslim actors, poets, writers and intelligentsia. Because it is against their faith. Kafirs can never be considered for any equal treatment by the Muslims. When a Hindu practices their own faith properly, then also Muslims have a problem. Hindu should not practice their faith is the main reason for opposition while they read their prayers openly in public to humiliate Hindus. All Hindu festivals are deliberately attempted to be stopped by courts of India under pressure from Muslim groups

Disclaimer: The views expressed are of the author and personal.

All information entered is personal to the author. Any modification or changes must be addressed to the author.
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