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Jan 1990, when Kashmiri Hindu Pogrom began

As the world observed Jan19, 2019 as the day of Kashmiri Hindu exodus from Kashmir, the startling truths of Hindu genocide in Kashmir were heard by everyone.

Anupam Kher, gave a very emotional speech on the plight from genocide at one of the events in New Jersey. There were many other prominent Kashmiri Hindus who gave their side of the story at that event and many others across the USA and other western countries. Often times, we only hear the fake Victimhood stories of Muslims, but we hardly hear the stories of genocide by them in Kashmir, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan. While analyzing the reasons of this genocide, many other truths are also coming out for the world to take notice of. Kashmir Valley is a small part of the entire Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir with area being 135km by 80 Km or 84 by 20 mile.

While in 1990, there were approximately 500000 Hindus in Kashmir valley, today only 2000 left.

In 1975, Hindus and Muslims were in equal number in Kashmir Valley. In 710AD, the entire Indian State was a Hindu majority state. Muslims started arriving from 710 AD onwards from Persia, Syria and other places to invade Hindustan for their religious expansion. These faith based colonizers had no respect for the culture of natives and they wanted to impose their own Islamic beliefs through violence and coercion on the natives. However, the Kashmiri Hindu natives being magnanimous started to accommodate them to respect their culture.

In 1339, Shah Mir became the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir. In 1820, Maharaja Ranjit Singh annexed Kashmir to protect Hindus. In 1846, Raja Gulab Singh under the Treaty of Amritsar became the King of Kashmir until 1947.

Until 1947, Muslims were just 39% of the population of Kashmir valley. The majority was still Hindu. Under the British and Muslim League supervised partition of India, Muslims were given a large part of Hindustan or India, that makes up today’s Pakistan and Bangladesh. British have got their Karma, now most of their cities are controlled by Muslims who don’t want to integrate with their society. Hindus that made up 30% of Pakistan were reduced to 11.5% in Pakistan because of incessant genocide of Hindus. In 1971, Bangladesh that had 35% Hindus as the percentage of the population, Hindus are reduced to just 11% today. Needless to State that Islamic inspired Terrorism and mass genocide was the reason of this drastic reduction in Population of Hindus. In India, population of Muslims which was just 8% at the time of partition has increased to 13.4% in 70 years. It’s easy to say that Ghazwa-e-Hind ideology of conquest of Hindustan by Islamic invaders has already succeeded across South Asia.

Hindustan of Hindus has been balkanized into Islamic states of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

South Asia and Myanmar is the home of two major religions that trace its source to their combined Vedic heritage. The entire region is the home of Dharma and it’s accompanying philosophies such as Karma and reincarnation.

The philosophy of karma has brought a sense of Truth and justice to the personal lives of billions of human beings.

The philosophy of Dharma has brought peace to billions of human lives. And the philosophy of reincarnation has created a life of responsibility for billions of human lives. The scientific process of spiritual advancement through meditation, history and Yoga has been the greatest gift from Hindu scriptures. The Hindu and Vedic culture has given the world many mathematical and metaphysical basis for material advancement. The numeral zero came from India through its Vedic scriptures. The philosophy of non violence against all living beings also comes from Hindu scriptures. Vegetarianism is a gift of Hindus to the world. That has been the historical greatness of Bharat (today’s India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka and Myanmar).

British and Islamic division of India in 1947 stands illegal in many ways.

The Hindu culture spans the entire region of Bharat. Islamic invasions have tried to distort the faith of India beginning from Kashmir, but it hasn’t been able to touch the culture of Hindustan.

British and Islamic invaders treated Brahmins as enemies because of their inherent misunderstanding of ancient Vedic culture.

In their zeal to destroy Hinduism or Vedic culture, they attacked the pillars of Hinduism that is their brahmins, temples and the faithful followers. Islamic invaders destroyed 60,000 Hindu temples beginning 652AD and until now.

All ancient seats of Hindu learning in places such as Taxila in Pakistan, Nalanda in Bihar were razed to ground in an inherent hate for Kafirs or Hindus. Major mosques were constructed with the remains of Hindu temples to humiliate Hinduism and its followers.

British deliberately misinterpreted Hindu scriptures guided by Max Mueller and Macaulay. Most confused secular Indians today are the products of British instituted systems of learning. Secularism was imposed on Hindus to demographically wipe them. By weakening the Brahminical culture, they attacked the very basis of Vedic or Hindu society. The destruction of Brahminical culture led to the weakening of Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra societies. This led to exploitation of many other weaker sections of society. The Dalits were maximum exploited under the Muslim and British Christian invaders.

The Vedic culture is a scientific way forward for humanity.

Hindus have very well understood that the real attack against their religion is coming from the politico-religious ideologies of Islam and Christianity. Their combined attack was so far being tolerated to a large extent. But history has shown that the weak get exploited the most. The reasons for Kashmir genocide are many that have been articulated by many analysts. But the real reason for Kashmiri Hindu genocide that I can analyze from Dharmic perspective is the lack of faith and knowledge of Vedic scriptures by Hindu community.

The illusion of Hindus that all religions are equal has been dismantled for Hindu community.

Islam and Christianity have become the invading Faith based Colonizers (FBC). They are only meant to care about their followers.

The Hindu philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam does not apply to invading faiths.

The invading faith has to be treated as an enemy because it threatens the very survival of Hindu faith, Hindu temples and Hindu society in general. The invading faiths rely on political power through demographic subversion. That is a clever plot to capture power in India by making Hindus or natives of Bharat as non-existential. Like in most other conquered regions such as Latin America, their resources are exploited by Faith Based Colonizers. Hinduism is the only original surviving religion of the planet and it is the responsibility of Hindus to keep it that way.

It’s time for Hindus to understand reality and protect their culture with all means by identifying the real enemies. All Hindu lands, Academic Institutions, temples and communities must be free from the contamination of faith based colonizers.

Faith based colonizers are aggressors. It’s time for Hindus to protect their Hindu heritage by learning it, fighting for it, protecting it and practicing it. Don’t expect others to give peace in charity.

Peace has to be fought for, not begged.


धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित:

हरे कृष्ण


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